Are there any Bugs in SpiffyCharts?

All complex software has bugs.

Some program bugs appear because of bugs in the operating system. Others appear due to defects in the programming environment. Still others occur due to logical errors made by the programmer. A final source of problems are mistakes made by the user.

It is the programmer's responsibility to predict every mistake a user can make (impossible!) and be prepared to handle it gracefully.

We would like to learn about any bugs you encounter. We need enough information so that we can reproduce the bad results you see. Then we can (hopefully) fix the bug. We need to know what OS you are running, which data service you use and exactly how you got to the bad results. Most program crashes will be accompanied by a dialog box which will tell you an error type and a location code. Please send us that information.

Please send us bug reports at bugs AT spiffyCharts DOT com
Of course, replace the AT with @ and the dot with a period. Thanks.


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