Installing SpiffyCharts

The installation is so simple that it confuses some people. Click on package and the package should be downloaded to your computer. This package is a compressed folder which contains everything you need with SpiffyCharts. Expand the package by double clicking it. Put the resulting folder anywhere you want, normally in the Applications folder. We suggest you open the folder and make an alias of the Spiffy Data folder and put it on your desktop. Drag the Spiffy icon to your dock.

The resulting Spiffy Folder has the program, over a three years worth of SP500 data, example trading systems and user functions. Double click SpiffyCharts icon to start it up - enter your name and registration number - and away you go.

SpiffyCharts uses no external libraries, DDLs etc. and requires no links to the OS. We install nothing outside the Spiffy Folder. Uninstalling SpiffyCharts requires only dragging the folder to the trash.

Email us at bugs At SpiffyCharts Dot com. (Of course, replace AT with @ and DOT with a period.)

Please use the word Spiffy in your Email subject so our spam filter will treat your Email kindly.