Data Services

We now support three data services, CSI of Boca Raton, FL , MJK Associates of Milpitas, CA and Dial Data of New York City.

CSI offers US futures, US, Canadian and London stocks and US stock and OEX options. Their data is delivered via Internet. Call them at (800) 274-4727 for pricing.

Dial Data offers US and Canadian stock and mutual funds and stocks on several European markets. They also offer US futures and futures options and US stock options. For pricing see their web site or call them at (800) 275 5544.

MJK offers worldwide futures data. Their data is delivered ether by direct LD phone service or by Email for those serious users who want to get a lot ot data. Call them at (408) 253 3771 for pricing.

If you use the MJK Email service SpiffyCharts will go into your mail box and remove only mail from MJK with attached data. That attached data will be used to update all your files

If you use the direct dial service your calls will be very short so that expense is minimal.

Other data services may be added at a later date. We appreciate your suggestions but please understand that adding a data service requires both our hard work and extensive cooperation from the data service.