NTech is now 25! 

We are currently celebrating our 25th anniversary year, developing, selling and distributing technical analysis software for stock and futures traders.

NTech is our trademark and is short for Investors' Technical Services. We are no longer incorporated and do business under a dba filing in Travis County, Texas.

"WE" is the proverbial royal We. NTech consists of one individual, Jim Payne, PhD. Our first product, Behold!, was a Macintosh only program and it became apparent that the market was inadequate to support a large staff so the decision was made to keep our expenses low and to farm out services as required.

Behold! was a modest commercial success and we continued to offer it for 15 years, which is forever in software life spans. The inevitable march of progress in computer operating systems eventually rendered Behold! obsolete. SpiffyCharts is the replacement.

My PhD is in chemistry and I practiced that profession for a bit over thirty years. I also have a bit over thirty years in computer programming - of course with a lot of overlap. My programming expertise is all acquired though reading and experimentation. That adds up to a lot of years, and I have now "retired." I don't need any income from SpiffyCharts and so decided to make Spiffy free.

Making SpiffyCharts free also avoids the hassles of dealing with PayPal , collecting sales taxes etc.

So enjoy Spiffy and let me hear your comments.