Quick note.
Simple user functions have access to all of the column long routines built into SpiffyCharts. They do not need to use the Procedure/RunProcedure commmands of the advance user functions.

;Market Facilitation Index
;Format MFI14= @MFI(14)                       Format for formula bar input

Require 0 Columns, 1 Numbers;          First real line of each user function so program can check for proper input.
Columns AveP VolP PosMF ColP;      User defined temporary columns.
Variables ;                                  No temporary variables needed.
AveP = (H+L+C)/3;                     AveP is "average price" at each bar.
ColP = (AveP > AveP[1]) ;             1 or zero, 1 when true, zero when false
VolP = AveP * V;
PosMF= VolP * ColP;

Output = Summation(PosMF,Data1)*100/Summation(VolP ,Data1);

And yes, you can combine both simple and advanced routines into one user function. Back